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Ready to commit to your success?


Want to learn from others who have paved the path and are keen to share their knowledge?

Grow your business, advance in your career and build authentic connections.

Mentee Benefits:


Learn from the real life experiences of successful business owners.

Overcome overwhelm and create work-life balance.

Expand your network and circle of influence. 

Gain perspective to scale your business.

Are you Ready?

Are you able to commit to a year program for support and guidance?

Are you eager to learn from a person who has been selected as a mentor?

Are you an Entrepreneur driven to grow personally and professionally?

Do you have a positive mindset and use your energy and time effectively?

Have you have a desire to learn how to scale a business, build a circle of influence, secure funding, marketing a business and leverage your talents to secure business opportunities?Are you an authentic leader who values feedback?

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